18 July 2013

How to Change the Color of Command Prompt in Windows 7

The default color scheme of Command Prompt is black - background and white/gray text color. You can easily customize the appearance of a Command Prompt window, by changing its size, font and even colors.

15 July 2013

How to redirect 404 Error (Page Not Found) to Homepage in Blogger

How to redirect 404 Error (Page Not Found) to Homepage in Blogger

Step-wise Tutorial : How to Add Search Box to Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Go to Settings >> Search preferences >> Errors and redirections

Step 3 : Custom Page Not Found ?  >> Click on Edit

Now paste the following code and click on Save Changes.

14 July 2013

How to Repair Missing or Corrupt System Files on Windows 7

If any of the Windows system files are missing or are corrupted, then Windows may not behave as expected, some of the functions may not work, or your pc may crash. The above can be caused by malware etc. So, you can easily get rid of such problems by following the below steps.

5 July 2013

How To Use A Pen/Flash Drive To Increase RAM

Well as the time passes your pc will become slow, there are many reasons for that such as viruses, malwares, invalid registry keys, small ram size etc. You can speed up your pc by a simply using a Pen Drive. Just follow the below mentioned steps.