25 February 2013

How To Remove Subscribe To: Posts Atom Link

By default in blogger templates there is a Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link, so that the blog readers can subscribe to the Atom feeds. But most of the readers uses RSS Feeds to read the blogs, so the link becomes useless. And of course it occupies precious space as well and if you will ask me I would say that I don't like it either. So, How to remove it, please follow the below steps to do that.

15 February 2013

How To Center Your Blog Header In Blogger

Blog Header is very important feature of any blog, because at first your readers look at your blog logo and tagline. So, an impressive blog header can make your viewers to look what the blog is all about.

By default the blog title and tagline is left aligned in blogger; so if you want to center your blog header, then please follow the below steps.

10 February 2013

Prevent Blogger Blog from Redirecting to Country-Specific URLs

Google redirects your blog to country-specific domain i.e. if you're in United Kingdom  and viewing mukulpost.blogspot.com, you will be redirected to mukulpost.blogspot.co.uk. This means that country-specific domain  correspond to the country where you're currently located.
Redirection To Country-Specific URLs
Redirection To Country-Specific URLs

1 February 2013

How To Hide The Blogger Navbar

What is Blogger Navbar?

The Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar) appears by default at the extreme top of your Blog unless you are using "Dynamic Views Template".The Blogger Navbar is hidden in almost all the third party templates.