5 October 2013

How to Add a Background Image (Pattern) in Blogger

Today we are going to learn how to add a background image or pattern to your Blogger powered Blog. Well you can use any image (JPG, GIF or PNG file up to 300k in size, 1800x1600 or greater) as a background. But I am using a pattern image for this tutorial.

Step-wise Tutorial on How to Add a Background Image (Pattern) in Blogger

Step 1 : Go to subtlepatterns.com and choose the pattern you like and click on Download.

Step 2 : Unzip the downloaded folder, there will be an image file (in some cases there will be two files one with smaller pattern and other one with bigger).

Step 3 : Now go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Customise

You will be directed to Blogger Template Designer

Step 4 : Click on Background, now click on the little down arrow just to the right of the blank white image

Step 5 : A new window will open now click on Upload image now Click on Choose File and then locate the image file earlier download and select that file; after completion of uploading click on Done.

Step 6 : Deselect Scroll with page And finally click on Apply to Blog

Happy Blogging!