31 May 2013

How To Create A Sticky Navigation Menu In Blogger

Nowadays many popular websites and blogs are using fixed or sticky navigation menu. It is very beneficial for the visitors of your blog, as when they scroll down while viewing your posts they can easily choose different page or topic and don't have to scroll back to the top. As you may have noticed that I am also using Sticky Navigation Menu on this blog.

15 May 2013

How To Remove The Space Left After Removing Blogger Navbar

You must have noticed that there is some space left above your blog header after removing/hiding the Blogger Navbar. It is good to remove that blank space. I also recommend you to do so because it will give a better view to the visitors  But the choice is yours. You can easily remove that space by following easy steps.

1 May 2013

How to Replace Newer Posts, Older Posts and Home Navigation Links

By default in blogger the page navigation look like something in the below image (Newer Post, Home and Older Post). By this tutorial you can change the text with your choice of words. For example - your can change the text to upper case text (NEWER POST, HOME AND OLDER POST) or something else. Be creative, use your imagination.