31 March 2013

How to Customize Cloud Labels Widget for Blogger

I hope you are familiar with the blogger labels widget. You can easily categorize your posts by using Labels. Labels are useful if you are writing on many topics, so readers can easily view the posts of their choice by clicking on the Label.

By default on blogger blog you may see the Label Widget look likes something this.

25 March 2013

How To Add Colorful Scroll Bar In Blogger Blog

Every blogger wants to customize his/her blog to their taste. By default in blogger blog exist a not so good looking Scroll Bar. What if we can add some colors to it. So why are you waiting; here is an excellent way to Add Colorful Scroll Bar In Blogger Blog. 

10 March 2013

How To Add A Scroll To Top Button In Blogger

Scroll To Top Button must have thing for every blogger, you may have seen an arrow in the right corner which can take you top of the blog. So why don't you add a fancy Scroll To Top Button in your blog. It will allow your viewers to scroll smoothly. It can be very beneficial for you if your blog posts are long and detailed. Go ahead and a Scroll To Top Button to your blog.