25 June 2013

How To Update Your Aadhaar Details Online

If someone already enrolled with UIDAI wants to update any information with the same. He/she can do that by using the online portal of UIDAI. You can easily update the details online using "Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal" by following the instructions given below.

15 June 2013

How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Google Analytics is a service which generates elaborate statistics about a web page, such as traffic and its source. For every webmaster it is a must have tool to actually see what is going on behind the curtains. Google Analytics is the most famous and used website statistics service.

The basic service is absolutely free but you can use the premium version for a fee. It provides you the track visitors form referrals, direct or from search engines and direct visits. Basically you can check that from which country or city is someone viewing your website, by using which type of web browser, internet service provider etc.

10 June 2013

How to Add Syntax Highlighter in Blogger Blog

How to Add Syntax Highlighter in Blogger Blog
Syntax Highlighter
Syntax Highlighter is a very useful for the bloggers who uses codes such as java, python, ruby, html, css, java scripts etc. It also gives a professional feel to the readers. It is needless that almost every professional blogger who needs to show some coding work uses Syntax Highlighter. There are tons of tutorials on the web for setting up of Syntax Highlighter, but I can assure you that you will not find easier than this tutorial.

1 June 2013

How To Add Alexa Widget In Blogger Blog

Alexa is a website which provides traffic data, global rankings and other relevant information for more than 30 million website and blogs. Well this is done by the data collected from the websites which are being viewed from the Alexa toolbar enabled web browsers and Alexa widgets installed websites and blogs.