25 April 2013

How to Download and Restore Blogger Posts and Comments

Well if you are planning to change the blogging platform or you just wanted to be secure, you should know the procedures for downloading Blogger Posts and Comments. It can be very handy if your blog gets hacked or something like that.

So, you can be insured by taking a regular back up of Blogger Posts and Comments. You can do the same by following the below steps.

17 April 2013

How to Backup and Restore Blogger Template

It is one of the basic but important tutorial for the bloggers. Every blogger wants to improve their blog and for that sometime they have to change the HTML, CSS or JavaScript Code in their blog's template. But a single mistake can spoil the party big time. So before customization of the template you should take a back up of your blog's template.

15 April 2013

How to Add Search Box to Blogger

I don't know about others but I am not amused by the default Search Box in Blogger. Now getting to the point lets say you are a passionate blogger and you like blogging too, then you may want to provide what your viewers are looking for; but without the Search Box it will be very hard for them to find their desired content.

10 April 2013

Add Blogger Contact Form to a Static Page

I am sure that you may know about the official blogger contact form. It is used to contact the blog author/admin by the visitors. And you can easily add it to the your blog's sidebar, footer or somewhere else. But what if you want to add it to any static page of your blog. Well you can add it by following steps.

5 April 2013

How to Show Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger

If you are using default template for your blogger blog; then you may have noticed that when you search for your blog on google, in search result it shows your blog title then your post title. It is not SEO friendly, because it cut down the post title word limit and it doesn't look nice as well.

So, you can get the benefit of optimized post titles in the search results. Please follow the below simple steps to make the change.