30 October 2013

How to Use Google Search More Effectively

I think everyone will agree with me that we use Google for searching anything at least once a day. Be it weather forecast, dictionary meaning or something else. But we can use Google Search Feature more effectively. Lets have a look how we can use Google Search effectively.

 Weather:  You can search weather followed by name of any city to get the current weather and forecast. Example - Weather Oslo

∙ Calculations: Google search can be used to do arithmetic calculations. Example - 35 x 1.75

∙ Places: If you want to find out what is the name of the capital of any country, just type capital followed by country name. Example - Capital Belgium

How to Use Google Search More Effectively
Google Search
∙ Sport scores and fixtures: To get the live score or schedule just put the team name in the Google Search Box. Example - Spain vs Brazil

∙ Currency Conversion: You can get current exchange rates by searching the two currency names. Example - USD in YEN

∙ Time: To know what time it is anywhere in the world. You have to type Time and the city or country name. Example : Time Greece

∙ Local Sunrise/Sunset Times: Well if you want to check the exact times of sunrise and sunset in the city of your choice. Type sunrise or sunset followed by the city name. Example - Sunrise Paris

∙ Number Conversions: You can convert any measurement like celsius to fahrenheit or kilometers to miles or gallon to liter just type the number and unit of measurement. Example - 98 celsius to fahrenheit

∙ Definition: To get the definition of any word just put "define:" in front of word. Example - define:enchant

∙ Stock Quotes: To get real time stock quotes put ticker symbol into the Google search box. Example - FB

∙ Search within a specific site: If you know you want your answer from within a particular site then type site:sitename search term. Example - site:ebay.com galaxy s4

∙ Related Websites or Webpages: If you want to find a website or a webpage similar or related to a particular website, just put related: followed by the website address. Example - related:amazon.com

∙ File Type: You can search for specific types of files, such as MP3s,  PPTsPDFs, or XLS, by adding filetype: and the 3-letter file abbreviation. Example - filetype:pdf present value table

∙ Exact Phrase: You can search an exact phrase by putting quotation marks around words. Example - "Lavoisier"